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How the Sponsorship Program Works

Choose a boy or girl in need to sponsor for an ongoing commitment of $31/$50 / month



You will be the only sponsor for this child. Once you commit to sponsorship and we receive your gift, you will receive a welcome letter which will have the name and photograph of the child you are helping to support by email. A physical package will be mailed in approximately 30 days if you make that choice. You will become part of their story if you choose to and receive regular updates on what is happening with your sponsored orphan.

You will look forward to their letters and photos, and have the satisfaction of seeing them grow and thrive. You will also have the opportunity to write to your sponsored child through WOHA from time to time. WOHA will also update you anytime there are travel opportunities, so you can join us if you wish to visit. Lastly, you’ll also have the opportunity to send financial gifts (if you wish) during different times of the year, birthdays, Christmas, anytime you desire by calling the special office number provided here (972)880-2633

Your support helps touch, protect, and change the lives of hundreds of orphans. You can donate here online using a credit/debit card or PayPal account by clicking the Give Online button below.

You can call our office (972)514-3505 to dontate using a credit/debit card or PayPal account or to find out more information about setting up a monthly draft from your bank account. 


If you would like to send us a check for your donation, please mail it to: Window of Hope America Orphans P.O. Box 543032 Dallas, Texas 75354. Please make checks payable to Window Of Hope America Orphans. 

“Will you help change a child's life today?

“How many children would you like to sponsor?”

“Do you have a specific child (or children) in mind?

"If so, what is their  name?”

“If not, would you like to sponsor a boy or a girl?”

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