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Meet Our Honorary Team

Our dedicated team has served in various capacities on mission outreach in countries around the world and is well equipped with the fear of The Lord to carry out this important assignment. We believe in each other’s abilities and are inspired to share our experiences and learn from each other because we trust God. Our objective is to serve orphans and widows with love and compassion and by the special grace of God, this mission will be accomplished. 

Mrs. Drusilla Dinka

A child of God, dedicated to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She does what it takes to foster the work of God and has demonstrated this by serving in various ministries whether directly involved or simply volunteering her time or talent. After years of donating much of her time and income to orphanages and encouraging friends and family members to do the same, Drusilla was heart-pressed and disappointed to discover that in many cases, the donations were not used for their intended purpose. The creation of Window Of Hope Orphans organization is embedded in her personal experience as an orphan and says she has embraced this peculiar privilege wholeheartedly. She remembers moments when she struggled with feelings of loneliness but this experience only helped to fuel her determination to make a difference in the lives of orphans in the world especially those in the care of Window Of Hope organization. She knows from personal experience that sometimes success is simply being able to give basic necessities, education and a strong Christian foundation to a child. She is totally devoted to the cause of orphan care and looks forward to serving in the capacity God has given her.

Mr. Polycarp Tibi Anoh

Mr. Anoh is a retired teacher-trainer and education administrator. Hehas a long experience in teaching beginning at the primary level and progressively training into secondary higher and professional levels. Having  grown up from  a very modest  family,  he  understood  at a very  early  age what it  meant  to be in lack. His father died when he was only a few months old, and his mother, still being quite young, was forced by circumstances to remarry. He then grew up from hand to hand -his grandmother and relatives taking turns. This difficult but enriching experience taught him what it meant to be in lack and to understand life. And so in later life he decided that since God has blessed him this much, he should stretch a loving hand to the needy. This greatly influenced his spiritual life and so he joined a social ministry in his church - the St Jude Apostolate-, whose goal is to pray, and sacrifice for others ---show compassion. They pray for the sick, the needy, and the oppressed and sacrifice their time, love and finances, to help the sick, prisoners, widows and orphans. He is presently the chairman of the mission council of the Immaculate Conception Parish Ngomgham, Bamenda, Cameroon and he hopes through this responsibility and honor to serve God more and fulfill his dream. On retiring from the Civil Service, Mr. Polycarp Anoh was delighted to be able to transfer his skills and knowledge base to charity organizations; in particular helping promote the amazing work of Window of Hope Orphans. His background experience, love and compassion for the needy gave him the fortitude to gladly volunteer his time and talent to the vision of Window of Hope Orphans. WOHA is truly honored that Mr. Polycarp Tibi Anoh answered the call to serve as the overall head coordinator for Window Of Hope Cameroon. 

Pastor Dr. Fergus Akwar

Dr. Fergus was born in Cameroon West Africa. He moved to the United States in 1992. Motivated by the health challenges in his home country he pursued a career in medicine. In 2001 he completed his medical degree and began practicing in 2004 in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr Akwar surrendered his life to Jesus in July of 2000. Since that time his relationship with Jesus grew stronger as he devoted more time to the work of God. He served for over 7 years in various capacities in the Christian Victory Chapel. In 2012, Dr Akwar was called into the pastoral ministry in a vision from the Lord and was ordained the following year. In 2015 he started a church in Fort Worth Texas along with his wife. He currently serves as the Pastor of Sharing Christ Ministries. Pastor Akwar believes that life can only be discovered in a sincere relationship with Jesus Christ, and that Jesus is the ultimate healer. Therefore, he uses any and every opportunity to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mr. & Mrs. Rick and Connie Martin

Rick and Connie Martin have been married for 52 years, with three children, seven grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.  A blessed family; believing in the power of God’s love for all and salvation through His only begotten son Jesus Christ. Having spent two weeks in Uganda and some time on an island of orphans on Lake Victoria, Connie has seen what God can do for these children. Their love for orphans is to help provide a safe, loving environment for them to grow and experience the love of God. Window of Hope Orphans is committed to do this in the power of God’s Love. We support Window of Hope Orphans with our prayers and finances.

Mr. Maurice Dinka

Mr. Maurice Dinka has over forty years of business and leadership experience. His background experience ranges across a variety of industries, including but not limited to strategic business planning and management, volunteer work and non-profit organizations.  Maurice Dinka has served as director of operations in various church ministries and congregations. He believes in giving back to the community especially basic needs and necessities to the underprivileged and victims of circumstances. He was very instrumental in the formation of WOHA in 2016 in response to the needs of orphans in Cameroon West Africa. Maurice has a strong history of supporting various charitable organizations.  With all the ministry exposure and volunteering services for various religious and community organizations, WOHA is honored to have him as a member of the board. We believe that the Lord has prepared and equipped him for a time such as this and he looks forward to the task and to him it is a fulfilling duty to work for the orphans on behalf of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He and his wife Drusilla are blessed with four wonderful children and one adorable granddaughter. Maurice’s vision as the treasurer for Window Of Hope Orphans is to provide transparency and accountability in all financial transactions and issues to enable donors build trust and confidence in the organization managing the orphans and widows they are sponsoring.    

Rev. Dr. Mrs. Esther Takang

Now, retired only from classroom teaching, Rev. Dr. Mrs. Esther Takang continues to advocate for children worldwide, serving with Window Of Hope Orphans, a non-profit organization based in Dallas Texas with branches in Cameroon, Africa. She is a retired Vice-Principal, associate Pastor of “Love of God Chapel”, founder of Women Evangelistic Ministries Int. (WEM) Vice President of Pastors in Mamfe, and coordinator of Window of Hope Orphans in Mamfe, Cameroon. She joined WOHA from its inception and committed her time to coordinating all activities like school registration feeding and general well-being of WOHA orphans in the Southwest province of Cameroon. It is with great pleasure and our honor to welcome Rev. Dr. Mrs. Esther Takang on the board of Window Of Hope Orphans and thank her for donating her talent to WOHA organization.

Mr. Fidel Bisong

Fidel Bisong is a Cameroonian by birth and has resided in the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) Metropolex for almost 19 years and counting. He and his wife Pamela have two wonderful children, Cecille (girl) and Cornelle (boy) both eleven years old. They currently reside in Lake Ridge, Cedar Hill, Texas. He is an active member of his community and he and his lovely wife Pamela continue to contribute and volunteer their time to affect their community positively. Before Setting up his companies, he attended U.T. Southwestern Medical Center Dallas, where he studied and graduated with a BSC in Gerontology and Geriatric Services, with a specialty in Long Term Care Administration. In 1999, he worked as a Nursing Home Administrator in Ft Worth, Texas (60 bed facility).  Later promoted to 165 bed Nursing home and a 24 bed assisted living, in Lancaster, TX. After three plus years of experience as an Administrator, with a wonderful wife as his best friend, they launched Meridian Pharmacy Group, which has been in existence and running since 2001.  Despite his busy schedule, Fidel still makes time to enjoy family time while serving his wonderful community. They are well known for their philanthropic involvement in various community events that even stretch as far back as their place of birth-Cameroon. Window Of Hope America Orphans welcomes him on board and looks forward to using his expertise to better the lives of orphans and widows around the globe.

Ms. Susan Dinka

 Born in Dallas, Texas and raised by God-fearing parents, Susan has an understanding of service to God. In 2016 she started volunteering her time in the secretarial duties and projects of Window Of Hope America Orphans and became an assistant to her mother, the founder of WOHA organization. From an early age, it was evident that Susan Dinka had a heart for ministry. Her motivating scripture is Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (NKJV). She says she learned early in life from her parents who were always involved in various Ministry activities, volunteering their time to serve the Lord in whatever capacity they were needed. She also recalls an incident one night during her visit to Cameroon where a village mother waited all night for the last visitor to leave her parents’ home just so she could have an opportunity to ask for a bag pack for her daughter who was in second grade at the time. She says that incident left an imprint in her heart and helped her to appreciate the blessings of the Lord even more. It is incidents like this plus her parents’ example that are the driving force behind what she does and why it has been easy for her to step into her role as the organization’s secretary. Susan has worked with various ministries and organizations to serve at-risk children and people of all ages and backgrounds. Her role as secretary of WOHA has taken her into orphan project settings and the daily journey of faith and says all she wants to bring to Window Of Hope America Orphans organization is a sense of positivity and trust. She also serves as a worship leader in different International Ministries. Susan’s greatest desire is to see all WOHA orphans encounter the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in a way that transforms their lives. The organization of Window Of Hope America Orphans welcomes Susan Dinka to the team. 

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